We’ve Got You Covered

Curb Cover offers the FIRST-EVER skate elements for curbs, ledges and parking blocks .. and gives skaters a NEW and BUTTERY way to skate.

Ace Pelka on Curb Cover

Ace Pelka

"Curb Covers give anyone a taste of what its like to skate the perfect Cali reds." @slappyredz
Cory Keen on Curb Cover x Keen RampsCory Keen Skater

Cory Keen

"These guys have done a phenomenal job at making top-tier quality products that are fun and accessible for everyone." @corydkeen
Wyatt Hammond Grind on Ledge CoverWyatt Hammond Grind on Ledge Cover
Wyatt Hammond Skater

Wyatt Hammond

The curb Climber is so good for helping get up curbs and opening up more street spots! @wyatt_hammond13
made in the USA
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