Get The Most Out Of Garage Skating This Winter


Winter may be coming .. but that doesn't mean it's time to stop skating at home!

If you're like us .. and can't resist the urge to skate .. even when everything is cold and wet outside .. your garage can be your best bet.

In this post we’ll share what’s helped us get the most out of winter skating in our garage the past few winters .. with a few helpful tips:

TIP 1: Sacrifice A Little Time To Set Yourself Up For A Good Time

We get it .. most of us just want to roll up to a spot and start skating .. but we all know reality is it takes a little prep time to have a good time .. especially during the winter months with things like sweeping or blowing away leaves and debris .. prepping crusty curbs, etc.

Incidentally .. if you want to avoid prep time .. check out our #curbcovers .. they provide a consistent .. buttery surface for most curbs with literally no prep time.

In a similar way .. its going to take a little time to prep your garage for winter skating .. but its worth it. Take some time to move anything that’s in the way out of the way. Hang what you can on the walls of the garage. Stack things you won’t use until spring in the corners .. or make a run to The Goodwill. Sweep out the garage the best you can. Do what you can with the time you have.

TIP 2: Get The Most Compact .. Reliable Skate Element You Can

Let’s be real .. a garage doesn’t provide a ton of space to skate .. especially for any kind of run-ups .. so to get the most out of garage skating .. you’ll want to find the most compact .. reliable skate element you can find.

Our #blockcover is a compact .. reliable 4ft skate element that provides enough surface area to practice and perfect tricks .. while being small enough to provide more run-up room .. and also easy to store. If you’re looking for a compact .. reliable skate element for your garage this winter .. this is the one.

TIP 3: Practice Your Tricks On Coping .. Then Perfect Them On Concrete

We all know the best way to learn street tricks is to learn them on a consistent .. reliable surface before perfecting them on a rough .. crunchy surface.

Our #blockcover provides the best of both worlds when it comes to concrete and coping since it doubles as a perfect mold to make the perfect parking block .. or as many as you’d want!

To learn how to make your own parking block .. see our previous “DIY Blog: Make Your Own Parking Block.”

The Block Cover also comes with felt backing .. which makes it fit like a glove on the parking block you’ve made. You won’t believe how solid it feels!


SO .. make your block .. practice on the coping .. perfect your tricks on the concrete .. and impress your homies in the spring when they see how much you’ve progressed during these winter months!

Happy garage skating everyone!

We’ve got you covered!


Matt & Luke

Father-Son Co-Creators

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