How To Learn A 5-0 Grind


Looking to learn .. or get your 5-0 grinds on lock?

I love doing 5-0’s .. and even though they’re a pretty simple trick all things considered .. I love em’ .. and wanted to pass along a couple of tips for doing them:

Tip 1: Trust Your Speed

To do a proper 5-0 .. you need some speed. If you have too little speed it will throw you off balance when you lean on your back truck. If you have too much speed you might actually fall backward. Shoot for some moderate .. but good speed as you approach your curb or ledge.

Tip 2: Use Your Core To Balance

The most crucial moment for a 5-0 grind is the moment you lock-in. To lock-in on one truck .. you really need to use the core of your body to balance. As your trucks make contact with the curb or ledge .. shift your weight slightly to your back foot to engage the back truck .. while lifting up your front foot a bit .. and keeping your core tight. This will help you get in that right locked-in position.

Our Curb Covers and Ledge Covers really help with this because they provide a consistent .. smooth finish to help you lock-in. Our Covers take out the inconsistencies that can take you out.

Tip 3: Use Your Core To STAY Balanced

Not all tricks need as much balance as the other .. but 5-0 grinds are one that does. Once you've locked-in to the grind .. focus on maintaining your balance and controlling your speed. Keep your weight centered on your back truck .. using subtle adjustments to find that sweet spot where you're grinding smoothly.

Tip 4: Know When To Say When

One of the keys to learning 5-0’s is knowing when to pop out. Don’t worry about popping out too soon if you feel yourself losing your balance. When you’re learning 5-0’s its better to do a shorter grind with more balance than a longer grind with questionable balance. Pop out when you sense you’re losing your balance too much .. and save he longer grind for next time. Build up to it.

Tip 5: Pop Out Smoothly

To pop out of a 5-0 grind you can either just roll off and transfer your weight forward to land flat .. or pop-out by transferring your weight to your front foot .. extending your legs .. and popping down on the tail with a little force to pop the board off the curb or ledge.

Ok .. a couple of simple tips .. but I hope they help you learn or lock-in this fun trick!

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