14 year old Co-Founder Luke Kyser Featured in Berrics Editorial


In case you missed it.  (Luke is still over the moon talking about it). 

On August 19th The Berrics posted their interview with 14 year old CurbCover Co Founder Luke Kyser.    

You can access the full editorial here. 



Luke Kyser 

"We don’t use wax. All the guys on TikTok and Insta comments told us we’re supposed to just melt my mom’s candles to save money."


We are grateful for The Berrics and the skate community to feature CurbCover and Luke's efforts to start and grow this skate element brand.  

See Luke's answers to these questions: 

Do your classmates know that you’re basically the Elon Musk of portable ledge covers?

Is it hard for you to turn off your business brain when you have to finish an assignment in school? Or do you think that having a business has unlocked a deeper understanding of some subjects?

Did you ever want to call it a Kurb Kover?

Have you ever gotten kicked out of a spot and had to leave the curb cover on the curb, then put on a fluorescent road worker uniform to come back and get it?

How much money do you save on wax every year?


Click Here for Full Editorial 


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