How To Learn A Crook Grind On Your Ledge

What's up everyone .. its Luke from Curb Cover.

I've been working on my crook grinds recently .. on curbs and ledges .. and wanted to pass along what I've been learning from watching legendary skaters like Guy Mariano .. and trying to do what they do.

Crooks have been a bit of a challenging trick for me .. but now that I've gotten the hang of it a bit more .. they're incredibly satisfying.

The crook grind is a trick where you lock your front truck onto a ledge and grind along it with your back truck hanging off. It's kind of a technical trick that need the right foot placement and balance for. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do a crook grind on a ledge:

  1. Approach the ledge at a moderate speed .. with your feet in the ollie position. Make sure your front foot is positioned slightly behind the bolts of your front truck .. and your back foot is on the tail of your board.

  2. As you reach the ledge .. pop an ollie and aim your front truck onto the ledge. Your front foot should be slightly angled towards the ledge to help lock in the grind. At the same time .. use your back foot to level out the board and bring your back truck up to the ledge.

  3. Once your front truck is locked onto the ledge .. shift your weight slightly towards your back foot to balance the grind. Keep your body centered over the board and your knees bent to absorb any bumps or irregularities in the ledge (you won't have this problem if you use our #ledgecover .. because it has a consistent .. buttery surface!)

  4. As you grind along the ledge .. keep your eyes focused on the end of the ledge and maintain your balance. You may need to adjust your weight slightly to stay centered on the grind.

  5. When you reach the end of the ledge .. pop off with your back foot and land back on the ground. Make sure to absorb the impact with your knees to avoid a hard landing.

In my experience .. crooks take a lot of practice .. so don't get discouraged if you don't land it right away. Start by practicing on small ledges and work your way up to larger ones as you get more confidence. Focus on your foot placement and balance .. and keep your eyes on the end of the ledge to maintain your focus.

If you're having trouble learning crooks .. or any new trick on your ledge .. grab one of our Ledge Covers! The Ledge Cover has a consistent .. buttery surface that makes it easier to learn new tricks .. and lock in without the inconsistencies of brick .. stucco .. or even concrete ledges.

Hope you get your crooks on lock soon!


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