Slappy's Made Simple

What's up Cover Crew! Its Luke from Curb Cover. I want to share my top tips for getting slappy grinds on lock. Slappy's are a classic trick .. and at the heart of Curb Cover! They are all about technique, style and control - which is why they're still so popular.

TIP 1: Get Your Approach Right

The first step to hitting a slappy grind is to approach the curb at the right speed and angle. You want to be moving at a decent clip .. but not so fast that you lose control. Aim for a 45-degree angle and focus on keeping your balance as you make contact with the curb.

TIP 2: Position Your Feet Right

Your foot positioning is really important when it comes to bashing into a curb or hitting a slappy grind. For a slappy .. you want to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your back foot slightly behind the front one. Your front foot should be angled slightly outward and your back foot should be perpendicular to the board near the tail.

TIP 3: Lean Into The Curb

As you approach the curb .. lean your weight into it to keep balance and control. Keep your knees bent and your eyes focused on your landing spot. If you're bashing into a curb, aim to hit it with your back truck - this will give you more stability and control. For a slappy grind .. aim to hit the sweet spot on the curb to get the perfect angle and balance.

TIP 4: Commit

The most important tip for pulling off a slappy grind is to commit to the trick. Don't hesitate or second-guess yourself - go for it with confidence and commitment. Remember .. even the best skaters fall sometimes - but it's getting back up and trying again that will help you progress and eventually get slappy's on lock.

TIP 5: Practice .. Practice .. Practice

As with any trick in skateboarding .. practice is key when it comes to learning slappy's. Start small and work your way up to bigger and more challenging curbs. Film yourself to see where you need to improve .. and don't be afraid to ask for help from skaters you see who have slappy's down.

Hitting a slappy grind is a challenging but sick trick that will take your skating to the next level. Don't give up if you don't learn it first try .. it is a trick worth learning. So get out there .. practice .. and most importantly .. have fun!

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