Tail Slides Make Simple


What's up everyone .. its Luke from Curb Cover .. and I wanted to pass along some tips on how to learn and perfect tail slides on a curb. I'm still learning myself .. and these are some of the best tips that have been given to me:

TIP 1: Roll Up To The Curb Believing You're Gonna Nail It

Before you start doing tail slides .. you have to have basic skating skills down. Get comfortable riding your board .. and work on your balance and foot placement. When you're ready to roll up to the curb .. come at it with confidence. Make sure you're going fast enough to slide but not too fast that you're too out of control. Roll up with confidence. Believe you're going to nail it.

TIP 2: Pop Your Tail and Shift Your Weight

As you roll up to the curb .. pop your tail and shift your weight to the back foot. This will lift your front wheels off the ground .. so you can slide on the curb with your back wheels.

The Curb Cover makes this so much easier because the powder coating is so buttery and consistent.

Keep your eyes on the curb in front of you and lean back slightly to keep your balance. Once your tail is on the curb .. keep your weight centered over your back foot and ride the slide.

TIP 3: Keep At It Until You Nail It

Like all tricks .. tail slides take lots of practice. You might fall a few times .. but that's part of learning. As you practice .. focus on getting your timing and balance right. Try to land clean and roll away with control. Keep practicing until you have it on lock.

Doing a tail slide on a curb takes practice and confidence. Our Curb Covers help increase your confidence by offering a buttery .. consistent surface to practice and perfect all your tricks on. Some people call it 'cheating' .. we call it genius.

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