Waxed Words with Curb Cover's Ace Pelka "Curb Renaissance Man"- Feature post from The Berrics

Luke Kyser with Ace Pelka
(Pictured: CurbCover's co founder Luke Kyser and Ace "of curbs" Pelka. @slappyredz) 
The Berrics full interview of Ace Pelka aka Curb Renaissance Man on the Curb Cover .  Link to full article. Sept 16th 2022. 
"We sat on the curb with low-pro master Pelka and asked him very stupid questions. Thanks for humoring us, Ace!"  
Some of the question The Berrics Ask are here:  
Q1: You’ve developed a strong reputation as a curb renaissance man, but the most hardcore curb dogs might think that putting a cover on it is the most sacrilegious thing you could do. Explain yourself.
Q2: Is it true that the lower the curb, the closer to God?
Q3: Curb Cover was started by a teenager and his dad. What was your relationship like with your father at that age? Did he talk to you about the birds and the slapbees?
Q4: If Curb Cover gave you free reign to design your own signature Ace Pelka Curb Cover, what kind of bells and whistles would you want to add?
Q5: This is a tough one: If you could sum up the feeling of slappying a CurbCover in one word, what would it be?

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